Rose Distillery Lema

Dry Rose Petals

Rosa Damascena flowers are carefully harvested from the gardens in the heart of Rose Valley. Dried under special conditions to preserve the useful ingredients and the color of the petals. The dry rose petals are perfect for making tea, for your home cosmetics, for flavoring, or simply for decoration.
The dried rose flowers contain essential oils with tannins, sugars, waxes, and others. It has high biological activity and is most widely used as a purgative.
In cosmetics, they are used to refresh, soothe and clean the skin in the form of tincture, tonics, lotion, steam baths, and compresses. They are added to ready-made cosmetic products, massage oils, in the bath, and sachets in pillows.
Usage of the dried rose flowers in the form of tea or decoction has a great detoxifying effect and improves blood circulation.
Steaming the flower unlocks a mild and pleasant aroma, slightly sweet taste, and golden color of the liquid. Refreshes the spirit and lifts the mood. Improves sleep. It has a mild diuretic effect. Helps with healthy weight loss. Great source of vitamins C, A, D, and E.

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